Friday, May 24, 2002

I bumped into Sherri yesterday at Walgreens of all places. She's a bit mad but ok. We nicknamed her Skippy cos she skips around when she dances! Joe keeps telling me she reminds him of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and I can see'd have to see her to understand. She's been out of work like forever. Trying to get a book published but keeps getting rejected. Bit stressed at the moment cos she kicked her son out for doing drugs. Now she's worried about where he is and what he's up to. Anyway, she invited me round for dinner this evening...there's an ulterior motive, but might work in my favor! Sherri's moing to Chicago and her house will be empty so.....potential rent-free accommodation for me!!!!!

Larry called me yesterday to "see how I was". Yeah, right. The only reason he calls is cos he wants a ****. Set me up with a mate of his a while back who was alright but nothing special. Wanted to know if I'd heard from Dan? No and really wasn't that bothered about it. But he's a good guy. Yeah? I'm sure he is but he's not my type. Then got the Spanish Inquisition about why whether I would go over and see him last night. No...I'm busy. Why, who, where??? Sometimes I wish he wouldn't nag so much. Calls me out the blue and expects me to drop everything (literally!) for him. Made tenative arrangements for tonight but, see above, now I'm busy. Shame really, very good in bed.......oh well, he'll just have to wait a bit longer.....

Wot else. Well, the dance lesson was last night. It was ok....sort of. I'd choreographed the routine with Bill who had PROMISED to show my instructor the whole thing before my lesson. Do you think he did. NO!!! Sssss.. Been too busy. Er, 'scuse me but aren't you charging me for this? I had to back-lead the whole thing, which was alright apart from one bit that I just can't lead so he couldn't work out what to do. Annoyed. Anyway, I'd also told Bill that I wanted to practice this during the Thursday night party. D'you think I managed that? Course not....he wanted to dance anything but this. Even Bill said "he just doesn't get it, does he?". Stormed out really angry. So much in fact that I'm going to go in today and tell them that unless he sorts himself out by Tuesday he can forget the routine....and he can forget about teaching me, I'll go somewhere else.....which mean he loses all the money from my lessons. Not sure he'll care but if he doesn't, well I'm better off without him!

Just had a call from my editor (doesn't that sound impressive!). I've been talking to a company about writing financial summaries of the earning calls that companies hold with the analysts. Did one earlier this week and he wanted to go through it with me. He sounded quite impressed....mmmmm :-). Got another one to do next week and then maybe another during June. Business won't pick up until July but good to get through the initial couple now. Tough work....they have a 2.5 hour turnaround on getting the stuff out once the call's been finished. Money's not bad and I need some so really pleased that he was happy. Horoscope says it's gonna be a good day today......started off ok, let's hope it stays that way!



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