Thursday, May 23, 2002

Much happier today...although I have the attention span of a gnat. Too much surplus energy. Can't focus on anything! Been like this all week. Can't sleep either. Wide awake all the time. Hyper. My horoscope says it's cos the Moon's in Libra. Fabulous!

Went dancing Sunday with Joe. Noone else was willing to come out to play so I nearly didn't go. Just as I'd almost give up he phoned and said he'd come so I went. Very cool....though I think people might be talking about us. Been seen together too much in public recently...heee heee. Did the usual trip for coffee afterwards and ended up trying to give a geography lesson...was trying to explain how the UK isn't just England and that Belfast is in Northern Ireland, not the Republic. Ended up drawing a really bad map on the napkins. Did u need to know that? No, probably not. Oh well, just ignore the last sentence.

Saw AOTC the other day. Ok I guess. Fidgeted through the first 15 minutes so have no idea what that was about. And that bit in the middle where they're on the lake. Someone explain the point of that please. Ruined a perfectly good movie! Ewen is fab...mmmmmm.....

Last night got Joe to take me out again. Went to see a very cool band....retro but fun. Embarassing cos we bumped into his nephew who kept giving us these looks..."who's that woman you're with"???? And then we bumped into someone else we knew and I got more looks. Great! Helped me work off some of this surplus energy so it was worth it. And it was really sweet of him to take me....he was planning to go to a dance across the border but I told him I couldn't come if he did that so he took me out instead. Don't ya just love him!


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