Sunday, May 26, 2002

Saturday morning: West Coast swing class. Very quiet. Think most people forgot they'd started up again. Learnt the strangest noone ever leads it.

Saturday evening: Jackie's monthly dance. Weird music. Not her usual happy stuff and she was having trouble with the sound. Couldn't really get into it but still managed to work off some of my frustrations. Went out with Joe afterwards. He turned down one road and got himself completely lost...funny. He's lived here all his life and I can still find my way round better than him! Rained like crazy last night....yuk. Had enough of that in London.

Spoke to my father this morning. My mother's got PVD - happens when you get old! The fluid at the back of the eye has hardened up so some of it breaks up and floats across the front of the eye causing you to see strange floaty things. She also has a really bad back...some of her discs have worn through. They can operate (insert "plastic" discs) but who wants to suffer the agony of back'd be in bed for weeks/months afterwards and there's no guarantee it will be successful. Instead she has acupuncture and goes to the chirpractor a lot. The joys of getting old! Just hope it doesn't run in the family.


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