Friday, May 17, 2002

Wot a week...complete nightmare! Anyway, at long last, I managed to get this thing to work so I guess that means I can now rant and rave in've been warned!!!

I don't really know why it's been a bad week but everything and everyone managed to annoy me over really silly things. And no, I'm not hormonal so don't try that one on me. And yes, most of the little irritations are man-related, which isn't going to surprise some of you.

But before the ranting, here's the happy stuff......Last Saturday I had a call from a "friend" of mine wanting to take me out. Sounds OK? Well, yes it would have been perfect if it wasnt for the fact that I know he's interested in another woman. :-( But, hey, a night out's an night out. So, of course I went and of course he paid for everything (not that I didn't offer, it's just that he's like that....heee heee). So we had fun. Drank a bit, danced a lot, talked and stuff. And then I found out that the other woman is married. Woohoo...I was so excited!!!!!!! Had to excuse myself and run off to the bathroom to giggle hysterically. All in all, an EXCELLENT evening. And it got even better on Sunday when we out partying...he turned up and was completely sweet and lovely...mmmmmmm :-) And I've not seen TOW (the other woman)...oh yeah, I'll name her...Cathy...don't like her....for ages....very mmmmmmmm. I don't just not like her cos of him....I just don't like her. Never have done. She's one of those little blond things that men seem to like but have absolutely no personality. Oooops, probably insulted all my readers now. Oh well, tough.

Monday, on the other hand, dire! Firstly I woke up with a swollen ankle...which always annoys me. Could hardly walk and the thought of no dancing was very upsetting so I started the day on a low. And it went downhill from there really. My dance instructor decided to bump my class that I'd had booked for weeks for someone else cos she got annoyed that she couldn't have a lesson with him when he wanted one. Like hello. Do I not exist? Or is it that "she who stole my lesson" brings you more presents than I do??? And he didn't do it nicely...left a message on my voicemail telling me the time was changed. Not so much as a "do you mind", "are you free" or "I'm sorry, but...".....just a crappy little "I've changed your lesson" message. SSSSSSSS.....Well, he didn't get away with that. I screamed at him. I can't remember the last time I've yelled at someone so that tells you how angry I was. And then I hung up on him. Of course, the little **** didn't pay any attention and just changed it anyway. VERY VERY ANNOYED.

Wot else? Well, I've been getting these phone calls from another friend who I sort of like. She's OK as long as she gets her own way and last time I saw her we had a little argument. All very stupid but she kept insisting I'd danced too much with someone and it wasn't fair, etc., etc. Now, I wouldn't mind but she has a live-in dance partner (her husband) who is completely adequate. So why does she have to have everyone else's partners as well???????? So, I saw her Monday and after the argument over my lesson, I wasn't in the mood to talk to her. Of course, she took it personally and kept phoning me to see what she'd done and if I was OK. Luckily I have caller I just let her ring and ring and ring and....Wednesday, I think I gave in and called her back. Actually I quite enjoyed that. She was just wound up enough to cheer me up. Cruel? Perhaps, but we have to get our fun where we can. Right?

Thursday....yesterday. The day of the lesson! This was always going to be "interesting" but little did I realise how much so......I turned up at the appointed hour and noted that my lesson was not only moved in time but also in instructor. Hmmmmm......I see. Now, I do need to explain that I am meant to be practising a routine with my instructor so it sort of makes sense that I take lessons with him. Doesn't it? Maybe it's me but if I'm going to dance publicly with someone, I think I need to practice with that person????? Ok, keep breathing, I'm sure it will all be ok. It wasn't. It went from "well, he can choreograph the routine today" to "I dont want to do that dance" to "no, I don't like that song, or that one or....". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH.

So right now, I have 4 weeks to go and we're not yet agreed on the dance or the song and he won't dance with me and trying to talk to him is like banging my head against a brick wall so what the **** am I meant to do???? Had a long chat with someone last night who basically told me I should put my foot down and just tell him what we're doing. I would over something else. But dancing's meant to be a partnership and unless we both agree on what we're going, it's not going to work. So, I don't know what's going to happen. Got a few days to mull it over.

In the meantime, I'm going to...wot am I going to do? I don't know...I'm going to find something to do so that my next entry is (1) shorter (sighs of relief all round, I'm sure) and (2) full of happy happy stuff (or at least some good goss).



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