Sunday, June 23, 2002

And the money keeps rolling in....

There's a sucker born every minute, or something like that, and tonight I met a big one. Went down to the Dock with Joe. They were doing a promotion of Caribbean Twist...some fruit flavored wine thing, not that good. Anyway, when we got there we saw all these people with brightly colored t-shirts. So of course we wanted one each. Asked one of the waitresses and she bought me one. Wouldn't give us two so the challenge was on...could we get Joe a t-shirt for him? Tried really hard but the next couple of waitresses didn't want to play. And then this huge chap, wearing one of these t-shirts that was a little too snug, came up to me and asked me what size mine was. XXL (don't know why, they just bought that one and it was enormous!). What d'u want for it? What d'u mean? I'll buy it off you? Er.....$20. Ok...he took the t-shirt. Well there it goes, doubt I'll see any money. Why don't you go after him and get the money? Me? I'm the girl. You should go. Oh no, he's bigger than me! OK. So I went. And I got my $20....fastest $20 I've ever earned!!!!! Well we both came home without t-shirts but at least we made a profit on the evening!!!!!! :-)


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