Sunday, June 23, 2002

Like Seven Inches From the Midday Sun

I was born in a temperate climate. Today was my vision of hell....I can't take this humidity!!! I must have drunk about 3 litres of water...not to mention iced tea, cream soda (yeah very bad for the stomach but I was too grumpy to care!)....and a little champagne...mmmm...The reason? Well, isn't it obvious? Of course, when it's like this I stay in air conditioned buildings and rest...don't I? Oh no, 3 hours of dancing this morning - which is a killer at the best of times but try it with no a/c....drip, drip, drip!!! Halfway through I was convinced that I was either going to melt totally or collapse in a little heap on the floor. Joe T couldn't work out what my problem was. You feel nice and cool! Not like and sweaty. Yeah, that's because you're radiating heat. My body appears to be storing it internally.....I'm SO HOT!!!! Probably not biologically correct but made him laugh.....didn't help me though.

Karen had her 7th anniversary studio party tonight. Phoned Joe. Is it air conditioned? Well, she has a window air conditioner and some fans but it's normally quite bad. That was the understatement of the century. More drip, drip, drip. 3 bottles of water later and I'm sure she still owes me some!!!! It was a nice party though. I wasn't going to go cos I was so hot and miserable but then Sharon said she needed a witness cos she was going to collect her shoes..she ordered them months ago and was worried, if they didn't fit, she'd get screwed on her deposit. So I went. As it happened one pair fitted and the others were ordered in the wrong size. Oh dear. Quite a few men to dance with (yipppeeee) including Mike....

.....not sure what his story is...think he is either from Raleigh or lived down there for a while. Very tanned. Doesn't dance too badly either. Appeared a week ago at the swing class. Seemed to know what he was doing...though he keeps harassing Joe/Barb cos he doesn't quite like their style of dancing. Think he's a Shagger really (that's a dance, don't think like that!). They do things a little differently in the South. Apparently, I learned this earlier, when you Shag competitively (again, dancing, enough of the bad thoughts!) you have to call the moves you're going to do.....Quite helpful spin...OK, I get the idea, I messed up the first one but I'm with you now. No, it's what we do in competition. Oh, I thought you thought I was crap! Not at all. Good!!! Not sure if I like, that's not quite true. Fun to dance with....loads of flirting! Hey, it works for me....and I got a kiss out of him. OK, that sounded pathetic....must be the heat again. Had an interesting conversation with him this morning. I didn't get a chance to dance with you last were tied up with some man all evening. Was I, hadn't noticed. That one you were talking to? Ah, he means Joe. Hmmm....well, that means he noticed me at least. Interesting......I wonder......

Glad he was there cos I had the strangest conversation with Rob earlier. Just got back from the Jersey shore. Why you back so soon? Oh yeah, you have to work tomorrow. Correct...and I've got a date tonight. Oh. What the hell was that about? Do I need to know he's seeing another woman? I'm going to blame this on the heat as well. I should be pleased that he told me. And he said it wasn't anything special....think he actually said it was just something to do. So that sort of bodes well. And it's better than him lying to me. But it still irritated the hell out of me. Not fair. It should be out with you....oh yeah, past tense. Well we never really ended, I just did my normal disappearing trick and moved. And I'm only up here. And you did say I should come down...and, and, and.....boooooooooo. Heat....hate it.......

And, yep there's more. For a relatively quiet day there were lots of little things that happened. What is it with Americans? They have to know everything and they have to tell everyone else everything? Maybe it's a Brit thing but my private life is just that...PRIVATE! If I wanted to tell someone something I would. I do not want people talking about me. I had some woman, who I know vaguely come up to me and congratulate me on my new job. So, it wasn't a bad thing but how the hell did she know that (1) I was looking and (2) I'd had an offer? No prizes for guessing...I know exactly how she knew. This has really annoyed me. What else is being passed on to other people????? Ssssssssssssssssssssssssss!


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