Friday, August 30, 2002

Bienvenue a Williamsville

No, I don't know why, it just happened! The movers were very nice, although one of them kept giving those looks that scares me...especially as he was in charge of putting the bed together! Just over 3 hours door to door. Not bad at all. Though it was only about 2,000lbs that they had to move so it's not exactly a tough job...although I did have scattered nicely throughout the house as Mel will remember! I only put that in there so I can appear in the Greybird Recent Referrer's list. Today's challenge...see how often I can mention Greybird. OK, that's enough, bored now!

It's very nice here. Bigger than I remember although it's always hard to tell how big a place really is when there's no furniture in it. About a third unpacked I think...mainly cos I was desparately looking for china last night so that I could eat....doh!!! And a shower curtain so I could bathe without causing a flood on my first day! And net curtains so I wouldn't scare the neighbours by wandering round naked!!! Chaos will ensue for a little while cos I'm off to San Francisco Sunday morning. Gotta take the car in for a service tomorrow morning - long overdue in both time and mileage. And they gotta play around with the Check Engine light so that'll take them a while. Guess if I'm stuck here with no car that'll probably encourage me to unpack...or maybe do the laundry. Wow, wot a fun day I have planned. Oh well, it will all be worth it if I finally manage to hit SF...been trying for the last 3 years and keep failing so now it's become a real mission of mine. This is the year.....just hope nothing happens while I'm out there and I get stuck...though perhaps it will be more fun stuck in a nice hotel than on my own???

Went to FredAst tonight...not to dance, just to say hi to them. Chris told me to tell my boss that he's not allowed to make me work next week. I need to rest so that I can return to dancing and go off and win some stuff. I sent an email to my boss to that if he'll listen....and, let's be honest, he would win hands down...after all, he's the one that pays me!

Adelphia (contd)

Back on dial-up for the time being. Phoned Adelphia again today. Called the number on the bill....cos, stupid me, assumed that was why it was there! I can't help you. Why not? You need the local office. Well, where am I now. This is the corporate office. You need another number. So, why do you put this number on the bill? So we can help you. But this time I can't. Call these people. And who are they? The local office. Why can't you call them. Because I can't. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Thank you for choosing Adelphia. Have a nice day. Adelphia sucks.

I call the local office and, to my huge surprise, I get through to the most helpful woman I think I've ever spoken to at that company. Within about 30 seconds she had resolved the whole thing, put a note on my account and arranged for a statement to be issued showing I owe nothing. And she apologised. Wow. Mind you, I have to wait and see what the bill actually says when it turns up. And then, she ordered my cable/Powerlink for here. I know, why do I put myself through this? Well, Verizon don't do DSL here...something to do with the fibreoptic cable screwing it up. So it's cable modem or dial-up...there is no choice. I have no patience. Got kicked off dial-up 3 times earlier which really, really irritated me!!!!

And now to bed. G'night.


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