Thursday, August 29, 2002

Total Relapse

3am Wednesday I'm awake, in pain. Owwwww. Painkillers. No good. Floor? Mmmm, that feels better. Crawled into Sherri's room - good job she's out of town! Carpet. Double mmmm. Still hurts but a little bit better. Crawled back. Grabbed duvet and pillow. Crawled back to the carpet. Collapsed. Worked out the only way to reduce the pain was to lie on back with knees pulled into chest. Blinds open. Can't reach to close them. Entertained the neighbours I guess. 5am. More painkillers. Still no good. Owwww. 7am. More painkillers. No, these are just not working. Tried to stand up. Need another ambulance. Collapse. Scream. 7.30am. Call boss. I can't stand up. Not coming in. 9.13am. Woke up. Woke up? Hey, that means I must have slept. Wow! 9.30am. Tried to go downstairs. BAD idea. Foot exploded. Screaming on the bed in agony. Lots of tears. Call Joe - need help. He'd already left for work. Probably just as well. Spent the day in bed, on my back, with my knees curled up. Decided to take double painkillers each time. Seemed to work though I'm sure I've taken far more than I'm meant to. Not happy. Meant to move on Thursday. Not finished packing. 12.30pm. Hungry. Need food. Dominos deliver. 1pm. Food arrives. Eat. Feel better. Eat more. Feel more better (ok, bad grammar...tough!). 6pm. Can move a little. 9.30pm, or so, American Idol. Hope that one with the awful voice loses. She does. Feel much better. 10pm. Sleep.......


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