Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Back to reality

It's not nearly so much fun working now I'm back on proper hours!!! Managed to completely screw up yesterday. Was intending to take breakfast in with me. Couldn't be bothered to make it so got something on the way in...and then realised my lunch was also sitting at home waiting for me. Oh well. Tried to get a hot chocolate out the machine...it does very nice whipped choccy. Ended up with coffee. I'm sure I pressed the right button. Had a really silly conversation with our intern. My brain's all over the place!!!!! Must be the heat.

Cable guy came today to put my Powerlink in. Wanted DSL cos it's more reliable but Verizon said they couldn't do it in this building cos there was some fibreoptic cables lying around screwing it up....is that right? Something like that anyway. So I went for the Adelphia option. Nearly phoned up to cancel after I plugged the TV in on Sunday and found that I had cable......hmmmm......don't know if they just turned it on prior to the visit or if it had been there all the time...? Oh well. Had the pleasure of two cable guys....one of them was quite cute actually. Makes a change!!!!! But they were running so late. Had an appointment between 4 and 6pm. So I got home just at 4pm. And waited. And waited. And waited. Called at 5.03pm. They're running to time, be with you in about 3 minutes. Cool. Yeah, right. An hour later, I get a call. They're on their way. Really? You told me that an hour ago. They've been running late. No, you don't say. It's now PAST 6pm and they're not here. Why did I bother leaving work early?????? Just ratty since I've been up since 4am. Couldn't sleep. Bad dream. Rob got married. Well, actually he didnt. Told him about it and he got upset. Here's the story....

It was his wedding and I was invited (gee, thanks!). I was wearing a really nice dark red suit (which for some reason I wanted to be purple). Long skirt and jacket. My hair was all piled up on my head. So this has to be a while off cos it's not that long yet. Anyway, was looking very nice. Sat on the right hand side about halfway down. The bride was wearing...wait for it...a long white dress!!! Sleeveless and with a v-back. No idea about the groom. He was standing to her right. Both with their backs to us. Does anyone know why these two shouldn't get married? Do they actually say that anymore? Been so long since I've been to a wedding! I don't know what happened but he turned and looked and then....I don't know. Didn't get any further in it so I have no idea what the outcome was. Rob was all upset cos he thought I was implying he was afraid of committment. I know that's not true - he's not quite desparate but he's pretty keen on settling down. I think it's an omen. Been trying to get him to come up here. Told him how much the flights were today - it's only $98 round trip and he couldn't believe it. They've been that price all year...I only know cos I was meant to go down there in Feb but didnt make it cos he smashed his knee in snowboarding. And when I went down last month, it was still that price. So now he might actually play!!!!

Wind's picked up. Bedroom door keeps slamming. Suppose I could close the windows. Mmmmm...Can smell the rain....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. About bloody time too!!! Though I've just heard thunder. OK..time to hide under the bed......


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