Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I have to get this out before I start working otherwise I'll totally forget. Seem to be back on my weird dreams again. Last night I went away. I don't know where. I'd arranged to go somewhere with Greybird and we were going to meet at the airport. I got there and couldn't see her. Then I saw a couple of really neat looking jets. They were dark blue and white. One of them had Lenel painted on the side. One of them had Rich's on it. The really weird thing (you think that's not strange enough...Lenel is a client and Rich's was a company I interviewed with!!!) is that they were parked on top of each. Directly on top...not like on an aircraft carrier or anything but plonked one on top of the other. Strange, I thought.

Then Joe and Barb turn up. We're meeting at noon. OK. I climb up some stairs to where we're meeting and am just about to dump my bags when Barb appears again. I said noon didn't i? What time is it? It's nearly noon. OK. I just have to look for something. I'm rummaging through my bag for something. I have no idea what. Not sure what happens next but then we're climbing into this room, like on a boat. Huge square room with this really big conference table in it. I've totally lost Greybird now, guess she's not coming. There's all these people I don't recognise sitting round the table. But in the far corner, I see Joe K. I didn't know he was coming?

Next thing I know, Joe T is trying to show me these really cool graphs. They're obviously showing something to do with the height of something above the ground. I can't work out how high they are but there are these little white blobs glowing in the middle of each "hill" on the chart. I'm trying to get them to move up cos I don't like where they're positioned but they don't want to know. I can't do it and I get all frustrated and give up. Joe T and I go back and join the others at the table.

What does it mean?


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