Sunday, September 08, 2002

Nice couch

Rob's had his place for a year and is now getting round to furnishing it. This morning he had to send me a load of photos to get my opinion on his choice of sofa and coffee table!!! The sofa is a 3-seater, olive green micro-fiber affair. It looks very comfortable though the color is not one I would have chosen (I'm not a green person). Did u get it scotch guarded? Oh yeah, it's insured for 5 years against anything. Anything? Did they ask you what u get up to at night? No, that was stupid of them wasn't it. Indeed (work it out, I'm not explaining!).

My concern was the carpet is a salmon color, which might look OK in reality but in a picture it's not the best match. Suggested a rug combining the green and the pink might distract from the obvious color jump but he was ahead of me...he's bought a very trendy glass coffee table. Black and cherry wood with 4 balls supporting the glass. Looks nice but I think he'll have to learn not to put his feet on it. And to invite me down so I can check it all out in person....his response "I know". Well....I know u know but when u gonna do something about it? Probably post-Jamaica (him, not me)...which was his excuse for not coming to SF with me. If I had the choice, I probably would have gone for that as well.....

Gotta go get some more ciggies. Been smoking too much today. Think it's the heat (that makes no sense whatsoever but what the hell). Or it could be the pain (I moved the sofa and it's damn heavy to do on my own in my truly pathetic state!). Oh yeah, we had a yard sale yesterday so Sherrie could clear out more of her stuff. Got rid of my old desk and about 5 minutes! Excellent. Didn't really have much else to get rid of. Said I'd go over today but by the time I'd spoken to my mother, father, sister and grandmother and inspected Rob's furnishings it was lunchtime and I couldn't be it's TOO HOT!!! It's September, can you please turn down the heat just a little....75 would be perfectly acceptable....none of this 92 business.....


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