Thursday, September 19, 2002

So....shall I start with my excitement of now being the proud owner of a microwave or my weird sleep habits? Oh, let's do the fun stuff first....

Me and My Microwave!
I first bought my own place about 15 years ago. I never had a microwave. What do I want with one of those, I thought? I'm an oven gal. Proper cooking is enjoyable so I'll go for the slow option. My next place - we did have a microwave, simply cos it came with it's owner. I never used it. Too many buttons to push. What do I want to do that for? Turn on the gas and the oven works....easy! My next place, a rental, didn't have a microwave and I never bought one. I couldn't afford it for starters (you try paying half a mortgage and rent and you'll know what I mean!). Then my next place, and current property, and still no microwave. There's room for one but I didn't quite get round to it cos I was only there for a couple of months before I moved to the US. My apartment in NYC had a microwave. A whopping great big one that probably could have fitted a Turkey for Thanksgiving inside. Remember calling my mother to tell her about it. Amused me so much!!! Didn't really use it....hey, everyone eats take-out in Manhattan so what do I need a microwave for? Leftovers were for lunch the next day....! Then Buffalo. No microwave. No microwave. No microwave. This weekend, I succumbed. I bought one. Only a little baby one (actually, not a bad one). It's sitting in the box at the moment but it's mine, all mine!!!!!!

Me and My Bed
I've worked it out at last. I can take my Valerian Root before I go to bed and get a full night's sleep...albeit with strange dreams. Or I can try the root-free approach...and get 4 hours sleep. Which do I prefer? Hard to say. Think I'm gonna have to keep popping the pills for a bit longer. Being awake at 4am doesn't agree with me...unless, of course, I'm being entertained!!!!! By the time the alarm goes off ( very finger slipped and I can't be bothered to reset it!)....I'm worn out. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh yeah.....fatal flaw in the design of computer keyboards...they're not waterproof. Just ruined my second one in three months. Shit!!!!! Amused the rest of the office as I was running round with paper towels and laying out papers on the floor.........had to leave before I did something really stupid!!!!


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