Sunday, September 15, 2002

Who knows what a box file is? Hands up. Let me count. This morning I sorted out all my papers into neat little piles and looked at them. I thought I would start a proper filing system and decided that I wanted to buy some pretty colour box files so that I could get really organised. I went down to Office Depot and looked down the aisles. Can't see any box files. So I asked someone. Who looked at me and walked off. I asked someone else. Oh yes we have those. Where? Don't know. I'll ask someone for you. Aisle 7. I've just been down there twice. I can't see any. That's where they'll be. OK. Maybe I missed them. No, I can't see any. Can someone show me. I'll get someone to help you. Erol to customer service. I'm looking for box files. Oh. What are they. I described them to him. I think I know what you mean. Come with me. We walked down Aisle 6 and 7 and then 8 and 9, just to be sure. I'm not sure what you're looking for. I described them again. Like a portfolio. No, not really. Oh. I'll ask someone else. Don't bother, I'm going elsewhere.

I came home and I looked through their site. They have a box file - only one and it's not really what I want - too expensive for starters but I don't need that fancy cover on it. I checked out Office Max. They don't seem to have any. OK. Now where? I know WH Smith sells them but do I really want to pay huge amounts of shipping to get them to Buffalo? No, course I don't. Why is everything so complicated??????


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