Sunday, September 29, 2002

Woke up really early yesterday - my fault, forgot to reset my alarm clock! Anyway, I have no idea what was on the radio other than someone talking about Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Transvestite lifestyles. He was obviously talking about something that was really frustrating him but I can't remember what! However, in my sleepy state, I noted that he said G, L, B & T about three times in every sentence! Gave up and went back to sleep.

Went to Alt Brews last night. Not been in there for soooooo long. Daryle was still there...of course. Got some new glasses. Not sure if I like tinted. Suit him, I think.....looks like he's lost some weight as well. Or maybe, just the memory fading?! He was as lovely to me as ever. Ha ha!!!! Good blues band playing. Not much in the way of, correction, there were lots of men, most of them pretty geek-like. Don't think it was the usual crowd. One cute one...looked like a UB student. Robin was quite taken with him as well. The owner's wife was in there. Miserable cow but she did confirm the nasty rumor I heard a couple of weeks ago....there is no more Caffreys in the US. Booo hooo. Brewery decided not to import it any more. Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. What am I gonna drink now....Boddy's I guess....but it's just not the same. :-(

Wot else? Hmm....saw the Good Girl this afternoon. Not bad for Jennifer Anniston though she looked too neat and tidy to really fit in. And they could have ended it a few minutes early. Not cos it was particularly long, just didn't need that last little bit at the end. And there's a lovely moment in the kitchen where you can see the mike hanging down. Ha ha. Then it appeared again. Heeee heeee!!!!


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