Saturday, November 23, 2002


Look there's just no way I can be celibate...or even try to be. All I said was I'm gonna give up men for a bit and what happens? First Den reappears (before I went out last night). Then as I get home, Rob pops up. Hey, guess who I've got here? No, not....oh yeah..Nestor. I first "met" him a couple of months back. It was a Friday and I was at work. Rob had been out playing golf with Nestor, was totally drunk and hence decided that he needed to call me to declare undying love. So he did. Then he handed me over to Nestor....apparently a very good-looking mate of his from...Cuba (? can't remember). Had a little chat with him about nothing of any interest. That was it. End of conversation. Or so I thought....

Oh seems that Nestor is not a happily married individual and he's looking for some fun on the side. And dear darling Rob is taking it upon himself to find entertainment for Nestor. My mission, last night, was to flirt with Nestor and embarass him totally. Was I up for it? Err...well....of course!!!! LOL I think I achieved my objectives!!!! Apparently now I just need to get myself down to NJ cos there's some very frustrated married man waiting for me. Ah, well, you'll just have to wait!!!! B'sides Rob's still "missing me".....but not enough to stop passing me round his friends...honestly!!!!! What does he think I am...?

And then...mmm...woke this morning to little IM messages from Greg....mmmmm!!

But I'm still off men......LOL


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