Friday, January 31, 2003

Citibank Sagas

Just when I think I've got them all under control! I was so excited when I stopped off at the ATM last night. I noticed that they now allow innter-country transfers from the ATM. I played around and found I can transfer funds from the US to the UK via the ATM. Wooohooo. No more sending checks across the pond 4 months before I need the cash (well more like 4 weeks but still). I liked them...until I got home tonight. I had a letter from my UK bank about my mortgage. I sent them a check on Christmas Eve to pay a sum off the mortgage. I had money in my Citibank account (UK) to cover it. I felt good. I've been checking my bank account for the last few weeks wondering why they hadn't cashed it. The reason...apparently Citibank stopped it. Why? Who knows? I didn't tell them to. I had funds to more than cover it. I am annoyed!!!! I really wanted to reduce the mortgage...felt it would be a GOOD thing to do. My best efforts were thwarted. I am now upset. And I've told them this.


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