Tuesday, January 07, 2003

It just keeps getting better!

Ok, so most people would think that after a visit from the Canadian that a girl would settle for a quiet evening in on her own. Not me. No way. More excitement needed. Screw the sleep. I'm talking to Mr New Year and we're just joking around......and then he says he's coming over. Well, it's still reasonably early and why the hell not. I don't care. And then I just mention a little topic dear to my heart....safe sex. Cos I am a VERY safe girl. Might be badly behaved but I do it safely!!!! And I thought it only fair to point this out to him before he hauled himself over here in the snow. Oh, he doesn't like that. You on the pill? No. Why not? Cos I use condoms and I stopped taking the pill after having been on it solidly for too many years...

Side story here: I started taking it in my teens cos my periods were all screwed up (stress related) and I ended up in hospital twice within 6 months due to loss of too much blood. I lost so much that my body stopped pumping it to my extremeties....and I could actually feel wot little I had left pumping round inside me. Your hands go all white and waxy and the headaches. WOW. Ever had blood transfusions? They suck totally.....pump you full of saline first and then the blood so you end up so damn bloated you can't move. Then they pump you full of diuretics to get rid of the excess of liquid. Followed by hormone tablets....so that all you can do is cry. YUK!!!!!! Anyway, as a result of all of that blood loss they put me on the pill (which had some advantages) but basically told me to take it all the time...so that I had like one period a year (again, there were some advantages to that). After about 10 years of this though the blood pressure starts to get upset.....so I stopped the pill. And it was about the time that HIV/AIDS was making a real entry into daily life so condoms were good!

Back to the plot dear reader! So, I use condoms...maybe this should be called "condom queen"? And I've been quite successful with them so far. Occassionally I come across someone that's not too keen on using them but rules are rules. And, til now, noone's ever refused. Well, I need to think about it? What's there to think about? I don't want to catch anything and I sure as hell don't plan on being a mother just yet (if ever). I'm clean. Really? Really! How exactly do you know? Have you had tests? You clearly don't practice safe sex otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'll see you soon. You know what happened next, don't you. Of course he didn't show.

Men can be such jerks. Just say you don't want to use the damn things. It doesn't mean you're getting any but it sure as hell makes life a little simpler. Don't f***ing lead me on and tell me all these wonderful things and make promises if you're gonna break them. I'm so honest, you wouldn't believe it. Other women may mess you around but I don't play those games. What you see is what you get! So.....guess that's another one down the tubes....life SUCKS!!!!!!

And to add to the saga, here's a little work story. Talking to the boss today. And he just throws a little question into the conversation....Do you know RJ? At first I thought he meant someone in Shipping. No. The one that sent in a resume a while back. Not the one with the really stupid cover letter? Yes, the very same! This cover letter was a page of crap, with quotes from Shakespeare or something. It was APPALLING! I didn't bother to interview him. Well, my dad (the owner) is hiring him. Err...how did he come across him? Apparently RJ found out who owns the company and approached him directly. Owner likes him...cos he's a nice person.....which doesn't make him a good salesman. So it seems that the owner is meeting with RJ on Thursday to offer him a job. We are not happy!!!!!! I've spent months looking for the right sales people. I am fussy as hell. We've already fired one person cos it didn't work out and now we're just getting someone dumped on yes. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Seems that Boss and Owner need to do some fighting.........though Boss did say he was amazed at how well I was taking it. Yeah that's cos I'm going out later and I'm gonna bend someone's ear about this...and the rest of my life.....just u wait........



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