Sunday, January 26, 2003

It's Over

We spend all this time practising and talking about it and then it's over in a matter of hours. The 1st anniversary Showcase has come and gone. Just like that! A day of preparing...running out to buy undies, putting on makeup, doing the hair...and then a bit of dancing and over. Booohooo! But it was fun. I didn't mess up my routines, at least I don't think I did. Had a few people tell me how good I was. Even Carolyn, who's not spoken to me since the Competition in August, told me I was "red hot". Yeah, well not wishing to be a bitch but your Rhumba could do with some work m'dear. LOL. She wears these really sexy clothes revealing all this flesh but then she lets herself down cos she's so round shouldered. Steve (her husband) didn't dance. When I asked him why not he said he could only cope with one ego in the house.....get the idea!!!!!!

Will find out on Monday how I really did and then, of course, there's the video to look forward to. As usual I can't remember a damn thing about the dances other than I did start on the right foot, was in time and managed to do that silly dippy part in my Bolero without wobbling. To give you an idea.....we stand opposite each other, holding at the wrists, bend right back and then Chris comes up and pulls me up on one foot. And then I do my stork impression, bringing my right leg up and across him, bend right back down his leg. He then pulls me upright and spins me we stop facing each other and apart. I did it, I did it!!!! Every lesson we've had I've been wobbling on one of more of those one-legged bits. Last night I didn't. I was so proud of myself! And the waltz was pretty cool. Although I know I reached for his arm too early at one point. My mind just went blank and I had a little panic. Don't think anyone really noticed but I knew. And there may have been a toe lead when I was meant to do a heel lead but wot the hell....probably the only people looking at that were the judges and...oh yeah, they're the ones that count! Oooops.

And talking of them. I got to dance with him! Gleb Markarov. Nice Dance Champions. Wow. They did a show at the end. Four dances. Amazing!!!! And really nice people. We were standing around at the end and I went and asked him if he would like to dance. So we did a foxtrot. Very nice. Didn't embarass myself!!! Although Sharon told me off cos Renee was leaving until I went for the dance. And then, as usual, she had to have some of that. Honestly, it would never have crossed her mind otherwise. So Sharon got all annoyed. But I did get to drink champagne with him and we talked about rugby. It seems his views on the Superbowl are pretty much the same as mine....waste of time. Is all this oneupmanship just totally pathetic? Yep.....but Renee is SO competitive about everything. Drives me mad at times. Just let it go girl.

Anyway I have a lesson with Gled and Tatiana on Monday. And I'm sure they'll go over their notes. They performed a Bolero as well yesterday so, having seen them dance, I'll take any tips I can. They did one move in the middle that we were going to do but I couldn't because of my back. I felt SO inadequate!!!!! Oh well, they've been dancing for longer than me so I guess I have some time to catch up!!!

What else? Hmmm....Chris and Yelena performed - first time I've seen them dance together (other than in lessons). They were excellent. Very impressed. In fact the whole evening was very excellent! All beautifully organised. They had caterers in so lots of good food although I didn't really eat that much. Just very professional and lovely. Lots of people around to hand out programs, make sure everything was ok, take photos, record the event and generally look after us. Wouldn't get that at Arthur Murray.....ha ha ha.

Now I must desparkle!!! Did brush my hair last night but I'm sure there's still remains of glitter and yukky stuff in there......


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