Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Just My Luck

No mail yesterday. Today...just one ominous envelope. Pulled it out gingerly. Carried it upstairs. Sat in the bathroom and opened it. Don't ask why I was in the bathroom...just seems to be the place that I choose to read "interesting" envelopes. Shit. They've called me for jury service. But wait....what's this. Are you a US citizen? No. If you have completed any of the shaded boxes you're excused. Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!! All I have to do now is post it back with my birth certificate and hope I'm off the hook. Not that I don't want to do my part to convict those that are guily of such hideous crimes as jaywalking or whatever other stupid things people get arrested for nowadays but I've been there before. Years ago. All it was good for was getting through an unbelievable number of books. Boredom in the extreme. So first thing tomorrow morning I'll be off to the post office to make sure I'm safe.........but you'd think they'd know this anyway. After all, how did they get my name? Any tax details would show me as an alien. I'm not on any electoral roll cos I don't have a vote (Remember taxation without representation? That's how the good ol' USA came into being in the first place!). I'm not a homeowner. How did they find me? What are they playing at???? Hmmmmm??????????? Silly, silly, silly!

Oh and on a totally unrelated subject.....Tara, from Arthur Murray, was on the radio this morning. Kiss 98.5 had some silly game going based on the Bachelor (which I've not seen)...or was it Joe Millionaire? God knows...he's SO ugly...even those photos of him modelling thongs did nothing for me...until I realised I could cover the head and just look at the body...that sort of worked! Back to the plot. She gave some dance lesson or something to the contestants yesterday so they got her to call in to talk about dancing. I should call her.....but not right now.......


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