Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Snowboarding can be dangerous!!!!

Obvious isn't it? Not to the male of the species. Or Rob anyway. About 18 months ago the fool had an accident snowboarding and did his ankle in...or was it his knee? I can't remember. Anyway. He still insists on going. This time he's racing a mate of his. Yeah.....SENSIBLE!!!!! Falls over smack on his face. He sent me the pictures. Nice. Insists that it's really cool and good for picking up chicks. Oh yeah? Not this one. Stupid boy. He lost the race. And then had to race prove he could. Honestly. Oh well, at least it was good to see that the bags under his eyes are bigger than mine. There is some justice in this world.

Work seems to have calmed down a little. Is this the calm before the storm? Who knows. The Rochester salesman actually got an agreement signed today so that's a good sign. And JB's father has now realised that aforementioned salesman is not necessarily as wonderful as he seems to think.....! Anyway we are now recruiting another one for that division so I'll hopefully have three in total...coooooool!!!! And the new AM is soooo cute. Such a waste. 27, married and with child. Damn, damn, damn! Spent a couple of days following me round....bit like a lost puppy. LOL. Got two AMs starting at the end of the month. Neither of them very attractive. Ssssssss!!!! It's turning into a very male-dominated environment. We now have 5 AMs and 2 sales people - all male. Soon we'll have 8 AMs and 3, potentially 4, sales people....all male. Not that I'm complaining. I get to make comments about men all day which winds them up. One of the AMs and I spend most of the day squabbling. He's totally useless and I keep finding different amusing ways to tell him. Today I was looking at the Job Finder see if I could find him a job. The other AMs found it highly amusing.....albeit cruel. Hey, gotta get my giggles somewhere!!!!! JB offered to buy me dinner last night cos we stayed late to interview someone. Thanks but how about some notice next time.....I've got plans. Oh well...have to hold him to that sometime. He did offer to cook for me...cos he made an omelette for one of the salespeople the other day (prior to a sales visit). Hey, that's not fair. Well, come round sometime and I'll make you something much better than omelette.......mmmm....nice!!!! :-)


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