Saturday, January 11, 2003

Time of the Month

USABDA dance was last night. As usual I struggled all day with whether or not to go. I was praying for snow, and lots of it, so that I could use that as an excuse. Not a flake to be seen. Left work early thinking I could go home and change and then drive back down there. Halfway home...hallelujah....the snow started. And then it stopped. Damn. Got home. Messed around and messed around a bit more and then the phone went. say she's not going cos she can't be bothered. Wooohoooo. Now I have an excuse. I didn't go!!!!!!! I don't know what it is about that place but I just don't enjoy it. And I think now I convince myself it's going to be dire so I never want to go!!! Instead...I slept.....from about 8pm through to 7am this morning. I guess I needed it. This week was tough. Just as I was leaving, JB called me into see him. Oh shit. Not bad....just to inform me that battle lines are being drawn and he'd like to me stick it out. Apparently there are about 4 of us that he really doesn't want to lose - he did tell me who. And then he told me the people he wants to get rid of....none of them surprised me. They're all his dad's people. So let's just hope he wins. Cos if he doesn't, I know I'll be out of a job in no time at all. Nice thought, huh?

Today...ran round like a headless chicken. Took the car in for it's service at 7.30am (so they'd do it quickly - they did, I was back again by 8.30!!!!). Showered and changed. Went to the bank, the post office, collected my dress (all nicely altered as far as I can tell!) and made it to West Coast Swing by 10.30am. Not bad. Home again just after 1pm. Got to watch Eastenders. And now just poodling around until the dance tonight. It's at the Lamm Post (the name makes me giggle in a VERY silly way!). Sharon's definitely coming so we can sit and natter about stuff. And I know there'll be quite a few men there tonight. Yippeee!!!! Definitely getting back into the "swing" of things (no pun intended). Just gotta remember, my back's not 100% still so be careful!!!! I can practice my anchoring tonight. It's a tough enough dance as it is. Today we were doing "and a one" if "and one" wasn't enough, now we have to add an "a" in there.......oh and Eva turned up this morning. This old woman (not sure how old but definitely got the neck wrinkles of age!) appears at 10am (I guess, cos I didn't!) wearing layers of makeup, high heels and of course, a very low cut top. Her version of dancing is wear as little as possible so men stare and then drape herself over one and let him "carry" her around.....they ALL fall for it. Makes me sick!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, look wot I got at work......17" NEC MultiSync LCD1700V....mmmmm.......very nice........think JB trying to cheer me up. It worked!!!! :-)


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