Sunday, February 02, 2003

And all that....Jazzzzz!

Oh I am such a sucker for big song and dance numbers. Went to see Chicago. FANTASTIC. Love it. Need to see it again. Love the way the plot and the musical were intertwined. Costumes fabulous. And it's so good to see dear ol' Catherine looking chubby! Wondered if she would have slimmed down before taking her clothes off....but, no! Wooohoooo. Queen Latifah was excellent. Even Mr Gere wasn't too bad. Now I can't stopping singing the theme song (playing in the background as I type!). We actually learned the opening routine for Chicago at swing class in the summer. This girl, who's name I can't remember, came to teach some jazz exercises for a couple of weeks. Decided to teach us a couple of routines from the musicals. Funny! Can't remember any of it now...except the part about rolling down stockings...which I can't do cos my back still won't bend at that angle!!!

And what was really exciting was the preview for The Quiet American. My parents told me about this ages ago and I've been wanting to see it but it didn't cross the pond. We had got to the stage of thinking it never would. It's about Vietnam but it's not very American-friendly so we decided that maybe they'd wimped out. And then the preview appeared.....wooohooooo!!!


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