Saturday, February 15, 2003

Happy Hallmark Day

Enforced romance. Dontcha just love it. No!!! All I can say is, it's good to have a day when eating chocolate is acceptable. Ha ha ha. What was there to celebrate? Hmmm....maybe Rob calling me first thing to tell me he's looking forward to seeing me and I'm a really nice person. Have you been drinking? No. Hmmm....what's bought this on? Nothing. I see. So coming to Buffalo then are you? Yes. I nearly fell off my chair. You near to Canada. Of course. So we can go and get some real Cuban cigars? Sure we can...when my passport reappears....had to send it off to get my visa stamped...could be months before we're reunited...I accidentally forgot to tell him that part!!!! LOL. But I did tell him I've booked my flight to Jersey. March 6th. Told Chris the flights were going for about $120. Two days later we're talking and he says he couldn't find them that's about $200. I'm not paying that. So I went home and looked. $142. Phoned the studio to tell him. Off to bed now. See you soon. Book them. Then I had to have another look. Ooooh $129. Called him back. Why don't you book yours and I'll sort the others out. OK. Booked it and went to bed all excited. Last night (Valentine's Day dance.....) he tells me he looked and they were $180ish. So he's booked the rest of them. Honestly. When I say book now, I mean book now....don't leave it til the next day. Oh well, that's their problem. As for the dance last night. Very nice. Some guy from Rochester was there. Danced a lot with him. Got the last dance with him as well...sweet. He was good although he knows different steps to me and his lead was a little weak....just take some getting used to. Have to see if we can encourage him to come more often...need more men!!!! Came home with a little goody bag of strawberries and chocolates. Wooohooo. Shame noone was around to share them..... :-(

Didn't go to Swing this morning. Firstly I overslept. Mmmmm. Secondly I couldn't walk! Oooops. Drugged up again now and preparing to go do more damage this evening. Not sure I want to go. Sharon was umming and ahhing about it all....which probably means she won't come. Booo. She kept saying "you know everyone there, you'll be fine". I know but sometimes at Jackie's dances I get a bit funny. Not sure why, after all I've been going for a while now and people are usually very friendly. Just something about it.....well I have 4 hours to dry my hair so I think I'll probably make it.....we'll see....maybe something better will appear in the meantime.....??????


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