Saturday, February 08, 2003

My Back Hurts

We've been here before haven't we? Thursday lunchtime I just went into total spasms again. Why? Well maybe a little too much yoga. Or maybe a little too much Canadian *wink*. Hmmmm. It hurts. My sciatica's playing up. Feels like the knife's been stuck back in my big toe again! Owwwwww. Boooohoooo. Tears. Lots of them. So much so I had to resort to drugs yesterday. Sat in the middle of an interview feeling like I was floating around the room. Wooooohooooo. It's about 4 weeks to the competition and, once more, I'm in a mess. Well I suppose if it gets too bad I just won't go, which will be good financially but very sad in every other way. Meant to do to Swing this morning but I'm in two minds. The sensible thing to do would be STAY IN BED. Me, sensible? Errr...not really....but maybe just this once......hmmmm....I feel another bout of boredom creeping up on me......


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