Friday, February 28, 2003

Ready to drop!

All shopped out! Took Sharon with me to Lord and Taylor to find a dress for competition. Yes, by this time next week it will nearly all be over but do you think I've been organised enough to get a dress yet. Course not. What are we looking for? Something for the Latin competition. Yelena still insists that I would have placed better last time if my dress had been more outrageous. So we want loud and bright and sexy and I have no money so cheap! Yeah, right. I had seen some nice red ones that I wanted to try on and a couple of black ones. No black. Why not? Oh we need something LOUD. So I ended up with a very sexy red number. Shows lots of cleavage...eeek...that should scare Chris!!! Picture this...cos I cant find a picture of what I bought....pillar box red, deep V at the front and another V at the back. Little capped sleeves, they show arms when they go up but look slightly more demure when they're down. Fitted down to the waist, and then flaring out slightly to mid calf level. Completely plain although there are some funky seams giving it a slightly unusual look. We just took it to the studio for approval. Yayyy.....Yelena loves it. Chris is a little more subdued but he's always like that. And then Yelena appears with cute earrings a necklace that match perfectly. now I don't need to buy an jewellery...just a big flouncy flower, if I can find one that matches the color and something for my hair. I can sleep soundly tonight. PHEW!!!!


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