Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Saturday Night

So eventually I dragged myself out the bath and got dried and dressed. Turned up at 7.30 for the WC lesson. Errrr...apparently noone bothered to open up til after 7pm so the classes hadn't even started. Sat and watched the Lindy class. Weird. He taught a totally different basic step to what I'd learned. Oh well. Eventually...like 8.30 or so they started WC. It was so basic it was painful. Finished that about 10 and then the pizza turned up. Woohooo. Think I must have left about 11..the music was mainly Lindy and noone was there to dance with. I just couldn't face it so I didn't!!!! Should have stayed in and had Chinese take-away instead......LOL. Paul was there...not seen him for months. Keep meaning to phone Julie but not got round to it so of course I felt guilty...should have called her Sunday but forgot. Ooops. Oh well. One day I'll do it.


Spent the day as Rob's secretary! We put his resume together. Phoned me about 4000 times to ask me something. And then told me he was staying in a hotel overnight cos they were expecting 6" snow. Sorry...did u say 6". Well maybe a bit more. Honestly, if we got that much in Buffalo we might be a couple of minutes late for work but that's it. No big deal. Well, hindsight is a wonderful thing. They actually got about 2 feet of snow so I guess it was a good move on his part...plus the company paid. Hey, if they're gonna lay you off you might as well screw them while you can! He called me this morning but I can't tell you what he wanted....it was TOO EARLY for stuff like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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