Saturday, March 01, 2003


Too much excitement in my head when I went to bed last night. The dreams are back!!!! I was at the Competition and there were loads of racks of dresses and outfits. And people. At some point in the proceedings someone announced there were going to be door prizes and my number got called. I've won an outfit. They told me the colour (can't remember now) and it was a sparkly top and a long dark skirt. We'll get one in your size for you. Here you are. But you also have to do something for us. Sure, what? We need you to present to Group A at 8am on Saturday morning. We want a presentation on rugby. Rugby? Why? Who can tell. I've not been reading anything about rugby recently so where did that come from? Anyway I agreed to present. I wanted to make it interesting so I was researching all these quotes about Rugby (union, of course...league....complete mystery to me). You know the's a game played by men with misshaped balls. Yes, that's a real quote! So more of those. A nice powerpoint slide showing the famous Rugby ball in closeup. And then, to make it more interesting I had a fabulous idea. I should add in some stirring music. Of course, the only thing I could think of was the music from the current Guiness ad...."what's going through his head right now?"....which is NOT rugby. Hmmmm. Got it. What was the music from the last Rugby world cup? That's what I want.

If anyone can explain what the hell this means, I'd love to know cos it's confused me totally!


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