Sunday, March 09, 2003


Novice Bronze
American Tango 2nd
Dancesport Tango 1st
American Foxtrot 2nd
Dancesport Foxtrot 1st
Dancesport Cha Cha 1st
Closed Bolero 1st
Dancesport East Coast 1st

American Waltz 2nd
Dancesport Waltz 1st
Closed Rhumba 3rd (no way, we was robbed!!!!)
Dancesport Rhumba 1st
Closed Cha Cha 2nd
Closed Bolero 2nd
Closed East Coast 2nd
Closed Hustle 1st

American Waltz 2nd
Closed Cha Cha RU
Closed Rhuma RU
Closed East Coast 3rd

Bronze West Coast 1st
Bronze 2 West Coast 1st
Bronze Hustle 1st

American Smooth Championship 3rd
American Rhythm Championship 3rd

Better than last year! 116 wasn't there for me to ogle but I found a couple of others! Met up with Rob quite a bit. Had a talk about "stuff". Funny how he managed to work out exactly what was going on with me in about 5 minutes of seeing me for the first time in 6 months. Other people see me every day and have no idea. He's such a sweetie I never want to come home. But I did and I cried, as usual. Stupid girl. Anyway he's coming to Buff soooooon. Wants to go're on your own with that one! And to Canada...cos he's never been and he wants to smoke some Cubans....LOL!

So...something like this:

Thurs: we all flew down to NJ which was having a pile of snow dumped on it. Had the journey from hell from the airport. Rip Van Winkle at the wheel as we tootled along in probably 1st gear.....whiteout conditions and do you think they have ploughs down there? No!!! Cars off to the side of the road all the way down the thruway....nice...especially the ones that managed to spin themselves round first! Bit scary really. Actually the plane ride down was the worst I've ever had. Too much turbulence for them to serve food and a few of those terrifying drops when you think "shit, this is it"! Woman in front of me was in tears and I have to say I was wondering if I was going to meet my bagel again....but landed safely. In the evening, after all the excitement of the journey, met up with Rob, went for Chinese and then I got to see his house....very nice, dear....just try and pick some of your underwear up!!!!!

Fri: Danced. Wasn't in the mood after the night before. Not like that...just some of the stuff we'd been talking about. Trouble with him is he makes me think about my life...rather than just letting it happen to me, he suggests that I might want to be proactive. So, of course, I didn't sleep at all that night and then couldn't concentrate during the day. Didn't do too badly really considering my mind was somewhere totally different. In the evening, we met up with some friends of him and drank wine and smoked cigars. Laughed a lot. Needed that. Think he was pleased I had a good time.

Sat: Danced. A lot. Armundo (is that how u spell it?) came up to tell me how lovely I looked so Yelena got all excited. Personally I think he's just a huge flirt...errr, is that your wife over there???? But must have looked OK cos one of the other instructors came up to introduce himself to me as well...and he is CUTE!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm :-) Pro show - not bad considering she's 5 months pregnant. Their last show for this year.

Sun...oh that's today. Got home earlier....journey much more respectable. Met someone, who's name I can't remember, on the plane. He used to come to the Sat morning West Coast class...not seen him for ages. Said hello. Other than that, been looking at my piccies and talking to Rob again. Should have done my laundry. Guess that'll have to be done more day off work....bliss......

Amazing how quickly it all goes. Now to start the practicing for the next one.....


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