Sunday, April 27, 2003

Have You Tugged Yours Today?

No, NOT THAT!!!! Your Kite! That's the banner from the top of Did go to the dance last night. It was OK....only one decent man there....Joe T. So had a dance with him and I was happy. Woke up this morning stiff and tired (not surprising really....a day of dancing will do that to a girl) so took my kite out for the first time in a long time. It's been sitting in my car for months. Today it was free to roam around in the sky. Beautiful. Got so carried away with it all I was out for about 3 hours. Just noticed my hands got sunburnt. LOL. Some git came up to me and told me the tail on my kite was too long. Really? That's the tail it was born with and it's perfect. Leave me alone. Take your dog somewhere else please!!! Took me a while to get back into the swing of things but by the end the kite was soaring around like a happy little thing. Perfect day for it...lots of wind, but not too much. Sunshine...actually could have done with a bit more. When I stopped, I realised it was actually quite cold. But it was great. Most fun (almost) you can have with your clothes, forget that....not true at all. Anyway, if this weather keeps up think I'll be out there every weekend seeing if I can remember how to do all those fancy tricks and things.

The Answers... the 25 Questions:

1. Cos he's tall, sexy, rich....???? Doh!
2. Yes
3. Hmm, tried them once....just looked silly.....think I'll skip this one.
4. Aaaah but it's like Sean Connery, they just have that je ne sais quoi that makes them totally irresistable!
5. If I'm about to buy it....honesty. If I've already bought
6. 2 hours shopping.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Hell on earth!!!!
7. Never seen it
8. Cos we're keen to outdo our friends by showing them what a caring other half we have? I have no idea. Can't remember anniversaries.....
9. Are you serious? Comparing yourself to this? Ha ha ha!!!
10. It's called a mother.....
11. Cos we can
12. See 6. No no no no no!!!!!!
13. BAD
14. Boxers....preferably with nothing else ;-)
15. Cos the one's in real life never have the charm, looks, money, brains that the ones in the movies do
16. Why is it so hard for you?
17. Programmed at birth
18. Guilt
19. (a) so we can discuss you (b) so that we don't get left out of the gossip (c) to make sure the others aren't bitching about us
20. BAD
21. What? I have to choose? Hmmmm.....looks....I always end up with the poor penniless ones.....
22. A quick painless escape from you
23. Why wait til you're dead?
24. No. He's my dad.
25. It's a knack....LOL

Feel better now? Have all of life's little mysteries been revealed? No, I thought not!


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