Saturday, April 26, 2003

Hot Feet!

Fred Ast party last night. Loads of USABDA people turned up. Floor was pretty crowded and I managed to get rammed by someone....who Sharon told me also ran into her and Chris. Hmmmmm. But, yayyyy! The lesson was on Bolero. Mainly cos Yelena wanted to play a bolero and not many people know it. Very cool. The cute one didn't turn up though. That's too parties in a row. Boooo. :-(

West Coast Swing this morning. Learning to lead. Only cos I know Barb will just humiliate me so I might as well try and learn that part. Every week, in the first class, there are too many followers and she insists I lead. Errr, yeah but I don't actually know how!!!! So I did. Tuck turn this week. Nasty nasty step. LOL Didn't do too badly I guess. Then ran home for Eastenders so I could then run back to Freds for a FABULOUS lesson with Eduard Apolonov. Mmmmm. Latin champion. Now retired so just coaches and judges. Can't believe he's much past his 30's but guess that's old for pro competitions. We started with a Rumba and he said how "continuous" I was and that I had "flexible feet". Coool! Told me I had more potential than I thought I had. :-) Chris kept saying "I told you, she's a good girl". Nice. Made we feel better...been thinking bout giving it up but guess I won't now....well not just yet anyway! So Rhumba walks....quick, quick, slow...but the slow is now quick, hyperextend the knee, point the toe and settle into the hip on the straight leg. And backwards is place the foot, raise the front foot, push the body backwards. Sounds easier than it is. Said I was gonna practice on my way round Wegmans....grap a cart and Rhumba walk round the store. LOL that would scare them!!!!

Did hustle as well. Poor Chris..spent more time getting "beaten" up than I did. But he did show us how to make it look really snappy. Nice. Oh and that couple were there...names unknown...he insists on calling me Lady Di. Gonna stand on his feet next time...

Just in case I'm not totally worn out, there's another dance tonight. Can I make it? Don't know. The sun is shining and I've danced most of the weekend already....hmmmm.....might have to go lie in the park for a bit and let me poor little feel cool off.......


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