Thursday, April 10, 2003

Nearly There!!!

My voice is coming back. My lungs feel clearer. But I still have this area that includes my nose and ears that is so blocked up it hurts!!! Comes on in the evenings....pretty clear all day but it's almost as I drive home I get more and more stuffed up. Want to poke my ears all the time to get them to pop. And I can't sleep properly still. Tuesday night I got about 55 minutes sleep...literally. I dozed off about 6am....just in time for the alarm! Last night...much better but still work up at 3am to cough a lot. I so want to be well again. This has been going on for about three weeks now. It's ridiculous. Even JB told me I looked tired today. And he doesn't usually notice stuff like that. But it was nice to come home to a little get well card from Chris and Yelena. Very sweet of them! Oh yeah, and the ink turned up......the ink that's not due to be shipped for another month. Well, not gonna least not until I've checked they sent me the right stuff......Anyway, let's hope I'm OK tomorrow. There's two dances (I'm only going to one) and I've not danced since this started...not felt like it, didn't want to pass this on and probably would have fallen over anyway given how clumsy I've been.....

.....Tuesday: split coffee (ground, not liquid) all over the kitchen. Knocked the oil over in the kitchen cupboard, which hit all the spices and sent them flying. Went to have a bath. Pulled the shower curtain back. Turned the water on. Forgot to switch the thing from shower to bath. Water everywhere...including over me!!! Went to clean up the coffee maker and managed to spill coffee all over the collection of freshly washed had to wash it all again. Then just before bed, made a cup of Chai. Added some ice cubes (as I usually do). They exploded, sending liquid everywhere! Not bad for a day's work!!!!! And all week I've been giving myself paper cuts. Not intentionally, just keep doing it. No sense of coordination...all from bunged up ears I think.

No other news really. Sister's birthday yesterday. Spoke to her. She seems fine. Bro-in-law is outside a city beginning with "B" and ending with "A" according to the latest update. Rob says he's coming to see me in 2 weeks. Yeah, yeah yeah. Still without passport. But the sun IS shining....woooohoooooooo


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