Wednesday, May 28, 2003


I really can't be bothered to write anything so bear with me.

After the weird dream about JB, I got an email from him wanting to know if I'd do some freelance stuff for them. So I did. Just invoiced him so let's see if it actually gets paid....daddy writes the checks! Told someone about it and his response was "I'd make him pay alright! Maybe you can just trade him work time for free, tell him to take your earnings and go out and buy a set of balls! Then you could get your job back and he'd start acting like a man!" Made me laugh. Lots. But then same person told me today he's gonna be away all next month so thanks for that!

BK just bought me lunch. Had to laugh. MB, the old man, has dumped all my stuff on him. Told him to deal with it. So he wants to know how to get money out of one fof the vendors. Oh, I used to do a whole plan and tell them what the results were from last quarter. Where will I find that? Damned if I know...or if I'm gonna tell you. Oh and BTW, next ad's due next week.....oh and have you sorted out those postcards yet and the mailing list. No....ha ha ha. He's got no clue. And JB doesn't know either. BK said JB should pay me to go back in there and tell him where everything is and what needs doing. Yeah, if he had any sense he would. But he doesn't so he'll just have to deal with the mess when the proverbial hits. Til then I'm not gonna volunteer anything. If he can't remember he committed $50k to an advertising campaign do you really think I'll remind him?

But on a brighter note, dance lesson Friday. Not been for ages and I've got a freebie...yayyyyyyyyy...!!! :-)

Friday, May 23, 2003

Is this me?

You're a woman with a very balanced personality and lifestyle. You believe in making room in life to relax, think, and have fun. You refuse to settle long-term for a boring job or doing something just because it's expected of you. Love is the same way. You know what real love feels like and you'll accept no imitations! You pride yourself on not being the "typical woman." You're more honest and straightforward than most women. But just because you don't "wear your heart on your sleeve" doesn't mean you lack deep feelings. In fact, you're deeply committed to your loved ones and the causes you believe in. Women as truly balanced as you are very rare. Notice that 81% of men are generally attracted to your personality type. 21% say they are VERY attracted.

You're looking for a man who really enjoys life and can bring fun and excitement to your relationship. He's easygoing and knows how to live in the moment. You'll be impressed by how he can see the "big picture" and have a vision of what he wants to accomplish in life, while still having a practical and down-to-earth style. Though he can be outgoing and charming at times, you also will find he has a shy and quiet side. In some ways, especially emotionally, he may be hard to get to know. But he's worth the effort! You'll certainly never be bored. He loves adventure and is always looking to shake things up. Men with the exact type of personality you prefer are rare gems. Looking at over 10,000 men who have taken this test, only 6% (or 1 in 17 men) have the exact combination of similarities and contrasts in personality you find extremely appealing.

Thursday, May 22, 2003


Nationals are in the Bahamas in October. They wrote it down on a card for me so I wouldn't forget. Great. Yeah I would LOVE to go but it's gonna be about $5k for 4 days and really, given the way things are right now, that's probably unlikely...but unfair...i want, i want, i want!!!!!!

Weird dreams again last night. Very vivid. JB got rid of his father and I went back to work there for lots more money. And u know's salmon that's causing these dreams. Wonder if it's any fish? V. interesting....might have to experiment a little.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Alarm woke me.
I ignored it.
Hour later I turned over in bed.
Guess I should get up.
So I did.
Did my yoga (sounds better than it was, trying to do half an hour every morning but there are days that the shower just looks more inviting!)
Had breakfast (cheerios...they were looking lonely).
Checked my email.
Checked my horoscope.
Checked my bank account to make sure all those bill payments had gone out...they had.
Got dressed.
Now I'm bored!

Ooooh but just found out a little more about stuff. BK called me. Apparently, The Day was quite entertaining. He said JB spent half the day in his office screaming at his father and then left for the rest of the week on a "sudden vacation". Seems all the work got dumped on BK and the webmaster. Poor thing doesn't know if he's coming or going he's got so much stuff on his desk.....well, heee heee, what d'u want me to do about it? Anyway, he's going to buy me lunch next week so maybe I'll give him a few clues about stuff. Or there again.....

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I love Jaffa Cakes

And I would have picked them even before I read this. HobNobs are good as well but they have to be the chocolate coated ones!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Places you shouldn't....

...the parking lot of Eckerd. Just ran out for some milk and there's this couple snogging in the car outside the store. I have no objection to what they're doing but do think it shows a total lack of imagination that they couldn't find somewhere a little more interesting or romantic......maybe I should have knocked on the window and given them some ideas?, can't be bothered to go out again now! Gotta get ready....nice pleasant evening planned with Sharon. Neither of us can face another Karen dance so, instead, we're gonna see Assasination Tango. No men, no stress, lovely!

Went to the Full Moon Dance last night. Lots of candles, very pretty. Actually told to wear black for once, rather than being beaten up for so doing. Woooohooo. The cute one was there. Had his hair cut. Very nice to look at, and that's all it's gonna be! Had enough of all this meaningless stuff. Don't think I can cope with it anymore. Must be age creeping up on me!!! Had a call from the Toronto snake on Thursday. Nice to hear from him. Had a good chat. Then totally ignores me again....well not totally, told me he was chatting up some woman from Wales. That's nice. Well here's a hint. You can do whatever you want to, I can't stop you. But don't mess with me. I'd rather you just disappeared into the sunset and left me alone. Men!!!! But the one from PA's still there...well so far....sure that won't go anywhere either......

Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Boys Are Back!

The TA arrived home Tuesday night. Saw the photos yesterday. Look pretty tanned and still fairly sane. My sister's worried about the lack of laundry that came back with them...well, wot d'u expect? I'm sure they didn't change clothes three times a day. LOL

Went to PA yesterday. Think it's my first time in that state. Very pretty driving down with all the trees and things...just wish the road was a little better. 120 miles of which I did the first 30 fast and the next 90 so damn slowly. Oh well. Very pleasant day. Went for a traipse round see the empty Adelphia building with real marble pillars. Do they not have anything better to spend their money on? Built the damn thing, with no parking as far as we could see, and then forgot to move in!!!! Then for dinner. All in the company of a really cute guy, which made it that much more enjoyable! Amused the waitress as we were putting the world to rights. Said she didn't want to interrupt cos we looked like we were really getting into things. Yeah, well don't hold your breath. I only seem capable of annoying people this week.

Oh, and on the subject of annoying people, JB sent me back my yoga tape with a little note asking how I am. Well, if you were really interested you could pick up the phone, couldn't you! How do you think I feel?

Visa saga continues. Just sent them the copy of the app with the signature on....try and wriggle out of that one!

Just got an email from someone I used to work with. She's going for breast implants. Sssss. Hey, that's unfair. Someone of us have perfect boobs (see below if you don't believe me!!!). Why do we want competition from fake ones????

perfect boobs

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Remember that beauty fades (unless you have a fake pair)!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Not really. Nothing new to report. Got my box of goodies back from GLED. The pens (just cheapo ones) were missing. I bet I know who swiped them! Anyway, not a big deal. They did actually send me my boxed copy of Office XP Pro. So cool. The guy at Microsoft quite likes (should that be liked?) me so he sent me a care package. Which means I can flog it!!!!!! Asked them to send it to me with the rest of my things. Thought they might get funny about it but nope, there it is. Nice! Been a bit worried that my last week's pay would not appear or might be reduced by sick days (took a couple) but it seems not....the letter that came said 11 vacation days would be paid. Tomorrow's payday so will be checking the bank balance first thing and moving the money somewhere else in case they change their mind!!! That's cheered me up a little....something a bit too stressful about not knowing whether any money will be forthcoming....! Just have to remember not to spend it.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Dontcha just love the weather here? Too hot and humid yesterday and today got woken up by an amazing thunder storm. Hate them, hate them, hate them! Had to run round and close all the windows cos the damn rain was coming in. LOL. Been so windy as well. Every time I think it's safe to open a window, something blows off the table. Or maybe that's just a hint I should clear up. Some other time perhaps?

Anyway, did go for a cruise round Buffalo. Just to clear the cobwebs. Not sure exactly where I was. Headed up Transit for a while and then over to the Boulevard. Actually quite nice with the Don Henly CD blaring (yeah, ok, I know....but it was summery music...!!!!).

Bro-in-law is supposed to be home tomorrow. Tomorrow! Wow. Actually they're not that sure. The rumour is that the RAF is flying them in tonight and they'll be home Monday. But then there's also news that some of them have to stay out there until September. We'll see. It's my father's birthday tomorrow so, if he does come home, that would be nice. He, my father, is sick of running round after my sister. He told me earlier that he'd gone round there to mow the lawn for her cos she was too busy. Errr.....excuse me but couldn't that wait. It's not like she was having an emergency "lawn in need of mowing" crisis. Meantime, she was swanning round London...some trip to Chelsea Barracks or something. PUHLEASSSE. Like you did stuff like that for me? Huh, well, did ya???? Think it's probably cos I'm slightly more practical....I can mow my own lawns!!! LOL. Actually, I do remember, when they got their first place (sister and hubby), bro-in-law and I painted their living room (it was yellow, which I HATE....generates suicidal tendencies...but she loves). There was an interesting episode which involved her storming out. We just stood there in hysterical laughter. Think she'd dripped paint or something...SOOOO messy. Oh, whatever. He's old enough to say I told him!!!!

On the down side, seems like my mother's in a bit of a state. I'm not to say anything to her but my father doesn't think she's going to be able to work much longer. Apart from her back, which is a total nightmare (you think mine's bad, ha!), she's now got trouble with her hands. Arthritis maybe? Don't know. He says they're in a terrible state. Which is pretty useful if you type all she does. If it's not one thing......

And on that subject, still heard nowt...ssssssss. Hopefully some stuff will become clearer this week. Yelena's been nagging me to get a plan together. As if I know what I want to do. No way. Never had an idea. Just fall into things cos they look interesting. Chris was slightly more restrained. Told me I need to get a "pla" together.....that's a plan that's not quite there yet...! So been doing a bit of ruminating and surfing to help. There are still TONS of jobs over on the West Coast. But then I went back to the Canada idea. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but if I'd gone through with the residency thing last year, I'd be a year further along. Could kick myself. So....having dug around a lot, it seems I have more than the points I need to meet the residency criteria. I can also go there for 6 months with no visa at all. Plus, permanent residents have the ability to live and work in the US (interesting, eh? See, learning the language already!!!). Decisions, decisions. The thing is, I could work really hard to stay here but my visa will expire 2005 (yes, I know that's a way off). My problem is, unless I find a husband I would just end up in the same position in 2005 that I'm in now....having to leave. I could apply for permanent residency but not sure, given the time to take a job (up to 8 months at the moment according to "reliable" sources), that I'd necessarily be able to start the process before the visa expires. I can't apply for both together, cos they get upset. Have to leave it for about a year and them make the application. So maybe I should bite the bullet and leave now? If I went to Toronto, I'd still be pretty close to things here...which means I could still come and take lessons here and see cost of living is cheaper (depending on where...Hamilton, for instance, is loads cheaper than Buffalo). And bro-in-law has a cousin there, who I've spoken to but never met. Plus I know a few people from up that way. But then there's always the possibility that JB buys out his father really quickly and lets me come back. Although, as I told my mother, I'm not holding my breath on that one! Too many possibilities. Tried out the Magic Crystal Ball (don't laugh). Seems to think Canada is a good idea and Buffalo isn't. Hmmmmmm......


It shouldn't be allowed. Holding dances where there's no A/C.....or none that appears to have any affect. Drank 4 bottles of water and still feel like I need more. Wow....tooooo hotttttttttttt.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Wishful thinking

So I told the company that they have to pay my return fare. And, cos I had nothing better to do, I read the Immigration Act ...well the section pertaining to aliens. Quite interesting really...not! Find the clause that's applicable. There it is, in black and white. NICE!!!!! So I sent that to them but they want my lawyer to call their lawyer as he's not aware. And they claim they're not aware that they are obligated to do anything. sponsored me. Of course you are. My lawyer agrees totally and will call today.

In the meantime, I told him the story so he asked what the father's position is. Owner. Is he CEO. I don't know. We looked them up on the NY State web-site. No officer listing. Hmmmm. Ask the son. Why? Well, if the father doesn't hold an official position you might not actually be fired! Really? Wouldn't that be nice. But somehow I doubt it'll work out that I said, wishful thinking.....

Update, update, update!!! Comment from the lawyer:

I do note that the requirement to pay return fare is in one of the signature boxes on the form for H-1B. If the employer claims they didn't know about it, they simply didn't read the form that they had to sign four times.


Wednesday, May 07, 2003

While the cat's away....

The father, owner of the company, has never really liked me. I think it's something to do with the fact that I speak my mind and am not the puppet that lots of the other people HE hired are. The president of the company, his son, hired me and loves me. He told me that once his father was out the way (financially rather than anything to do with hired assasins) there were four of us that he wanted to being one. Unfortunately he's not in the office all the time. A lot of the times he's been out I've had approaches from the father to quiz me on why I'm there. Last time it was so bad - he demanded a report on everything I was doing - that his son told me he was getting a mediator in to sort things out and he wanted to finalise the buy-out very quickly so I, and others, wouldn't have to put up with shit like this.

It wasn't quite soon enough. His father got his own way and fired me while the son was out. He's out all week...apparently totally in disagreement with this and, I later learned, is off being depressed and sulking. Sweet, huh? The reason given was cost-cutting and my job was no longer required. That's total crap and he knows it. There was only one person in Marketing - me. Now there's noone. If he looked at the expenses for the first quarter he'd see that the only line item that was positive, ie where we made more than we spent Why? Cos I'm damn good at screwing vendors out of funds. Admittedly the guy at Microsoft quite likes me but, hey, if it works, why should I care?! Everything I did made a profit. I even sent them spreadsheets showing how we made a profit on our customer event (!), covered our tradeshow costs and all our other marketing costs for the first quarter. Not bad really, if I say so myself.

There is no way that his son would have let him do that if he'd been around. But he wasn't so not a lot I could do....other than send them an email asking for lots of dosh cos they terminated me before the end of my work authorisation (there are times that I love the INS!). I am tempted to sign him up for loads of gay email porn and hate mail...still might actually......

So here we are again. Typically, with my totally bad timing, my passport reappeared....complete with nice new shiny work visa.....HA HA HA

Monday, May 05, 2003

The Moon enters Cancer and trines Uranus at the start of the week, which could indicate that you have a little surprise coming your way. Look out for that flash of inspiration, or an unusual meeting that acts like a catalyst and spurs you on to move in a new direction.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

ยง NY Penal Law 245.01 Exposure of a person

"A person is guilty of exposure if he appears in a public place in such a manner that the private or intimate parts of his body are unclothed or exposed. For purposes of this section, the private or intimate parts of a female person shall include that portion of the breast which is below the top of the areola. This section shall not apply to the breastfeeding of infants or to any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, show or entertainment.

Exposure of a person is a violation."

$250 dollar fine apparently. Did also read that it's 15 days imprisonment as well. This is so unfair. Men can take their tops off...why can't I? Actually, I did. LOL. As usual my damn stomach went pink (despite the suncream). Why does it do that? At least the rest of me seems ok....the potentially painful bits seem to have escaped pinkness (with NO suncream). Confused? Yep, me too. Anyway I didn't get arrested...which is a little disappointing....thought they'd come running out from the trees...after all, it's not like the Amherst cops have anything better to do. The last few days they seem to have been driving round the neighbourhood in pairs (two cars, not two in a car)....poor things, must be bored out their minds.....I just thought I'd liven things up for them!!! Guess that's why the Dante test banished me to the 5th level of hell...???

More exciting news. Bro-in-law should be back from the trenches by the end of the month....RAF-willing. He's found a Pizza Hut and Burger King...couldn't tell if he was happy because of that or not. Err...isn't this a muslim country? Maybe the BK serves halal meat???? More confusion in my little brain!

Wot else? Dizzy blonde got back ok. Changed the batteries but the doors still lock on their own. Too funny! So she missed last night's dance which was simply fabulous. So many "lovely" men to dance with. Including the one from NC, whose name totally escaped me. Not seen him since last summer. "Been out of town". Ooooh, very mysterious. Anyway, he has a thing for blondes so no luck on that score....stick to the vertical entertainment I think. No Joe, no Jerry, no Errol and I was looking so lovely (!) but still managed to dance lots and lots. So much so that I managed to sleep for over 10 hours last night...or rather this morning. 10 hours. Wooohoooo. More than I've had for ages. I needed it so much. Crawled out of bed this morning and could hardly stand up. Poor thigh muscles got a bit of a pounding last night. So just wandered off to the park, stripped off and lay there for a few hours.....mmmmmmmm. Felt good to have some sun at long last. Just made Osso Buco...very good. Got this amazing piece of veal from Wegmans for next to nothing so spoiled myself. Had a bit yesterday, some today and loads left for tomorrow. Yum, yum.

Now entering the Sunday evening twilight zone. Hamlin House is doing ballroom tonight but I can't face getting dressed.....and I'm sure I'll never make it to work if I go. So, think i'll just veg out in front of the tv (Manchild on later....)....although I do need to wander to the post office and mail some stuff....can I be bothered....??? involves putting a t-shirt on....maybe.....decisions, decisions......

Yeah, like I couldn't have guess that one myself!

Friday, May 02, 2003

Dizzy Blonde!!!

Beware West Seneca, there is a mad blonde approaching...!!! Approach with caution. Prone to fits of hysteria and currently believed to be suffering from nicotine withdrawal. You'll recognise her from her unique manner of entering the car. She is known to stand outside the passenger side of the car using the keyless entry system to lock the car time after time. This may be followed by the repetitious motion of sticking a key into the lock of the passenger door leading to loud shrieking. Should entry not be possible, she will then repeat this ritual at the driver's side. Often this is followed by walking round the car several times shaking the head in disbelief. After this, you may see her departure from the vehicle in search of the rare "AAA". The blonde will continue on her search with the cry of "I really need a cigarette now". Often her hunt will be unsuccessful, causing the blonde to return empty handed except for an ineffective car key. As desparation sets in, you will see the blonde ritually open the trunk of the car. This appears to weaken the car's defenses and the blonde will then be able to open both doors using a combination of her beeper and key. Once this stage of the attack has been completed, she will be able to manoeuver into the car, now fully open to the elements. The final stage of the blonde's campaign will be to get back out of the car, close the passenger door and trunk, climb back into the passenger seat and driving off.

And all because I made her come up to Fred's for a dance lesson.....I really shouldn't try and change the world, it's too stressful!!!!!