Friday, May 02, 2003

Dizzy Blonde!!!

Beware West Seneca, there is a mad blonde approaching...!!! Approach with caution. Prone to fits of hysteria and currently believed to be suffering from nicotine withdrawal. You'll recognise her from her unique manner of entering the car. She is known to stand outside the passenger side of the car using the keyless entry system to lock the car time after time. This may be followed by the repetitious motion of sticking a key into the lock of the passenger door leading to loud shrieking. Should entry not be possible, she will then repeat this ritual at the driver's side. Often this is followed by walking round the car several times shaking the head in disbelief. After this, you may see her departure from the vehicle in search of the rare "AAA". The blonde will continue on her search with the cry of "I really need a cigarette now". Often her hunt will be unsuccessful, causing the blonde to return empty handed except for an ineffective car key. As desparation sets in, you will see the blonde ritually open the trunk of the car. This appears to weaken the car's defenses and the blonde will then be able to open both doors using a combination of her beeper and key. Once this stage of the attack has been completed, she will be able to manoeuver into the car, now fully open to the elements. The final stage of the blonde's campaign will be to get back out of the car, close the passenger door and trunk, climb back into the passenger seat and driving off.

And all because I made her come up to Fred's for a dance lesson.....I really shouldn't try and change the world, it's too stressful!!!!!


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