Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Dr Rob....

....tells me that I'm a manic depressive with a low self-esteem issue who is prone to bouts of self-destructive behavior that I think will satisfy my need for instant gratification but actually lead to a vicious circle once I realise that the gratification wasn't actually there...thus causing me to beat up on myself, making me more depressed and in need of greater gratification. This, apparently, is the reason that I do so many stupid things (subsitute men in there). Problem is (as if that wasn't enough), I can't find any rational argument to prove him wrong....which has upset me somewhat...and is now sending me into the downward spiral.

Weren't expecting that, were you!

Robin tells me I shouldn't read my horoscope but look what it says to say: You may feel isolated on Monday and Tuesday, and your attempts to connect with people may fall flat. An honest, heartfelt approach may prove more successful than an intellectual one. Now don't tell me it doesn't know what's going on!!!!


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