Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I Can't Believe This

According to the MSNBC calorie calculator, you burn off more calories in an hour of Yoga than you do in a hour of vigorous sex. But dancing burns off the most. So does that tell me something? Yeah....they can't be doing it right!!!!

Too wiped out from calorie burning to write any more. Maybe later. Parting thought....truly lovely....mmm mmmmmmmmmm! :-)

Oh, before I go, this really is the final thought....Rob....instant gratification works as long as it's approached the right way! That's the problem, not the activity itself, it's my expectation. So nerrrrrrrrrrrr *blowing a raspberry at ya*....

And now I'm gonna dig out some Pink Floyd and chill a little.....


But I Can Believe This

Back again...bathed and beautiful...well, if u can call sitting here with a towel round my head beautiful. Was meant to have an interview today but they cried off. Not due to any emergency (my Navy friend..the one with the "buy a new set of balls" comment....was outraged..."wot is the place flooded or something!")...but because one of the people that has to read my resume hasn't read it. This was yesterday afternoon with the i/v for this afternoon. So let me get this right. It's gonna take you longer than a day to read a 2-page document? WOW. You clearly need some help over there!!!!! Probably a good thing anyway, the brain is totally unfocused right now. Can't even remember what the job is...something about product marketing for Cisco products. And it was VERY close by. But never mind, some guy just emailed me...strange....."I'm moving to Buffalo in a couple of weeks and I own a marketing company". Hmmmm, nice for him. Anyway said he's gonna IM me so why not....might be something good. Still waiting to hear on cow country jobs....they wanted me to change my resume from the functional format to a different I did.....aren't I good?

Other than that. Just had to check house prices in London today. The front page of said they've gone up about 23% (average) and I couldn't resist sneaking a peek. Boy am I a happy bunny...there are two properties for sale where my place is....both going for GBP193k. On that basis, I've got about GBP93k equity at the moment (possibly more cos I can't remember how much is outstanding at the bank)....which is about $140k...ish. I really need to do something about remortgaging that damn place......oh yeah and making the payment that I missed....ooooops. Sometimes I think this is too stressful...maybe I should let them reposess the thing and then I could just take the, thinking seriously for a moment...that would be BAD! So there u go...on paper, I'm rich, I'm rich! LOL Shame the bank balance doesn't look quite so healthy.

Oh, oh and I just have to say this. Keen Eddie. Dire. Awful. Corny. Caught half of it yesterday when I got back from yoga. OK, he's quite a peverse sort of way. But....and this was SO exciting for me....who was in it but Alexei Sayle . Last night I said he was a cockney. Stupid girl. He's a Liverpudlian. Very unattractive but so funny. When I was younger he released The Fish People Tapes (1984 - I looked it up). It was so funny. Ever so often he pops up in little cameo roles (including Tipping the Velvet...greybird, he played Charles Frobisher). He has this dry humour that I love and, well, anyway I think he's excellent. So I was happy. :-)

And now....I think some lunch is in order....or maybe I'll wait until the mail arrives and see if my fairy godmother sent me any money. I had a nice suprise cheque arrive yesterday....would be too much to expect another one this week....but, and I'm probably about to jinx myself, stuff seems strangely to be going my way at the moment...


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