Thursday, June 05, 2003

Is that really the time?

There's no way it can be nearly midday already. All I've done today is get up (8am so not even that late), do my yoga (yeah....i'm so good!!!!), get dressed and run round to Wegmans....of course forgetting to buy the one thing I meant to! However, I did come back to a message from someone who wants to interview me. Cooooool. This is my new approach to job-hunting....go shopping...always seems to happen that someone calls me when I'm out.

Oh...and Sharon called to remind me bout tomorrow night....USABDA. It's that time again. Need an excuse as to why I can't go. Can't use the painting my toe nails excuse cos I did that yesterday. Washing my hair? Hmmm...maybe. Damn, damn, damn. They're teaching Triple Step (Swing) which I've sort of gone off. Still hurts my back too much....too bouncy! I moan about this every month but I'm trying to remember the last time I actually went there...always seem to have some sort of excuse..heee heee. Well, maybe I'll see what the weather's like. If it's too hot (no chance of that), I'm not going cos there's no A/C. If it snows (more likely!), I'm not going. If it rains...well my hair might get wet. LOL Maybe I should call Robin and see if she's going? At least that way we can bitch for a couple of hours about people......

Dock at the Bay has started its program of live bands every night again. Too cold and wet still. Seems to be the same bands as last year...although maybe in a different order!!!!!

Today's music...checking out Avril Lavigne and O-Town....don't ask why (although O-Town did have some cool songs on the last album)!!!!! "I Only Dance With You" O-T....excellent WC Swing.....great beat.....nice.....

Oh, look! Education budgets got approved. Good! That should make GZ happy (Education BDM for NYS). We thought the budgets were gonna get totally slashed...which would have meant no money to spend on IT. So, although a lot later in the year than usual, it could mean that the Education sales go OK. Not that it matters to me any more cos I lost my job......boooohoooooo. And, even better, read this. My coverage ended last week and I've not done anything about getting any new coverage. Given my back problems I think it would probably be a good idea to look into it!!!!! Guess that gives me something to do this afternoon!

Too freaky by half!!!!


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