Monday, June 23, 2003

Monday Again!

Given the last few Mondays I was quite tempted to skip the interview I had scheduled for today...with a distributor about 5 minutes down the road. But I thought I'd be a good girl and go...if only cos it gave me a reason to get dressed!!! LOL. Although putting a suit on when it's close to 80 outside really sucks!!!!! Actually glad I went. Much better than I thought it would be...mainly cos the job was advertised as something that I thought was going to be too technical whereas really it's to do with the programme side of things and not the product side. Does that make sense? No, well tough cos I'm not putting the name of the employer in here or the job description so you'll have to live with it. So, not a total waste of time. Not sure it will result in anything as apparently some of the people already on the team have already applied...but who knows.....and at least my suit got an airing....although it so needs some alterations...good job he couldn't see the safety pins holding the skirt up....heeee heeee

As for reading the Harry Potter book....well, it's too damn heavy to carry around so I'm back on one of the Booker Prize finalists' books that I started ages ago and couldn't get into....decided it's actually very good. Totally can't remember the's in the car and I'm not going down just to find out what it's called. Have to wait til later.

Other than that...same ol' stuff really... ;-) Just getting ready to melt as the temperature soars...


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