Friday, June 06, 2003

(Ali K Cari)

I'll try and make it another day,
With this pain that won't go away.
I've died in silence for so many years,
I've cried an ocean or two of tears.
Please forgive me for what i may or may not do,
But you wouldnt believe what i've been through.
I grow tired and so weak,
My body shakes, my voice is meek.
Maybe in the end i'll be alright,
And maybe no longer shall i fight.
You can only lie for so long,
Before you're singing the same song.
I can only say sorry so many times,
I can only think of so many rhymes.
And so i'm sorry for any pain,
I know things weren't a peice of cake.
And so i'll go,
Just like the first and last

Can someone tell me what happens when the music stops? I guess you'd probably have to be inside my head to understand that question...ok here goes. I had another one of my dreams last night. More vivid than usual but shorter. Usually I they seem to go on for hours. Not this one. Just one small snippet. He, for indeed it was a he, said he loved me. Don't say that unless you mean it. I do mean it. Totally freaked me. Probably the last thing I ever expected to hear from this person.

Eyes are so important aren't they. They say everything and more.

The music's stopped. What now?

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