Monday, June 02, 2003


Written to the tunes of Fred Astaire Dance Selections Volume 2 (for those that care!). Actually there's a couple of great rumbas on here....

What a total waste of time. Had to get up early this morning to go to the DOL for an orientation. Scheduled for 90 minutes they said. We got there and the woman, who was actually very nice, told us we'd only be there for about 30. Then she collected our forms and played us the most appalling slide show (automated voiceover, fuzzy slides, boring as hell) and let us go. Fantastic!!!! Not that I don't mind having any extra hour for myself but did I have to get up early...and on a Monday???????? My eyes are killing me....nicotine intake TOO HIGH. Although food intake over the last 24 hours comprised a couple of chocolates and beer (see below)....not exactly what you'd call a balanced diet. Just reread this paragraph. It's gone all over the place hasn't it. Shit. Brain is totally screwed at the moment.....maybe should go back to bed now.

And now for something else. TOP, as mentioned below, told me I should have added "BTW you have a lovely cock" in my blog. Well, now I have. LOL!!!! Hope you're happy sweetie! For reference....yeah it is pretty lovely.... ;-)

Other than that....mooched around yesterday. Too wiped out to do much. Got about 2 hours decent sleep so all I could manage was to crawl to the sofa and watch some tv. Was meant to go for a drink with someone but too tired...except he didn't let me cry off. Persuaded me into going. So I did. Not sure it was worth the effort of getting all made up and driving half-way across town. Had one drink then he ran off cos he wanted to buy a cigar...and the shop was closed. That'll teach ya!!!!!! But I did get to see some jerk at the bar doing a trick with an olive and two glasses. OK, I'm desparate for exciting stuff to put in'll get better.....

Spoke to a woman on Friday about a couple of jobs. Actually sounds quite promising. She specialises in product marketing/management recruitment. Hallelujah. At long last I've found someone that understands what it is I do...and want to do. Am getting quite sick of those idiots that think marketing is outside sales. So anyway, she has a couple of jobs she's looking to fill...both in cards marketing (one of my previous lives). I'd really like to get back into that...banks might be boring but they have great benefits and don't tend to disappear overnight. So we're working on those. Only downside is one of the positions is in the middle of cow country (!)....WI in case you didn't realise. Chris tells me I'll hate it there. Marvellous. But Mike Topel teaches out that way....and if you're gonna learn WC Swing, he's the guy to learn with! Other one is in FL. Also looking to see if there are any going in Cap One. Apparently they are hyper-keen on sponsorship and give the most amazing packages....fingers crossed!


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