Sunday, June 01, 2003

Today's Conundrum

I have this CD in my car. Keep playing it cos it's great dance music although it's a little hard to dance while I'm driving....just have to sing loudly and ignore everyone staring at me. LOL. There's a line in one of the songs that's been going round and round in my head. Why? So hard to tell with me at the moment. Why do I do anything? I only wish someone could tell me. Oh yeah, the line...if you're really interested....I am only here for a little while, would you like to take me out tonight, maybe we could talk for a little while, baby. I'm even singing it as I write but the effect is lost on screen!

That actually bears no relationship to anything but just had to share!!!!

So the little pickle I'm in. Went out last night. Want to write about it but The Other Party reads this so not sure how much I want to say. No, not true. I know how much I want to say but I don't want to write it here. Not because I don't want TOP to know what I think but because I think I should say it first rather than just putting it in here. Maybe I should start another one somewhere else so that I can put all that sort of stuff into it? Naw...too much effort. Hmm....well....guess it's safe to say nice evening, I love fire, thanks for the CD, not sure I was totally myself.....!!! The full unedited version can wait til the thoughts in my head settle a little.....


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