Monday, July 28, 2003

Back on the pain pills

Can't bear it any more so I took some. And now I'm going to bed...well more like the floor to watch crappy tv and fall asleep. Yes, I do know the sun's shining but tough....the thought of going back downstairs is too much at the moment.

Update. Floor was good. Til I tried to get up. Couldn't...well clearly I did, else I wouldn't be writing this. Some screaming was glad the windows are open. Lots of rolling over and trying to work out how to push myself up without actually using any pressure on the back. But I'm up...just. Not sure what's going on but the entire mid/lower section of my back seems to be in spasm. More pain pills. No effect on me wotsoever. Very shitty. Lots of ice. Nice!!!

Not sure if I'll be sleeping in bed or on the floor tonight. Actually...not sure if I'll be sleeping tonight.....


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