Saturday, July 26, 2003


FAst dance last night. A strange gathering of people. Lots of "guests", which translates into people that can't dance and insist on messing up the dancefloor. They have "line of dance" for a reason. the dances that travel, there is line of dance, which is basically anti-clockwise round the dancefloor. The reason being that if everyone travels in the same direction it should be harder to bump into another couple. Problem is, people don't do that....they weave in and out or stay in the same place and cause a traffic jam. If you ever thought the Waltz was a nice elegant dance, think again. It became more like a game of bumper cars....think we hit almost everyone! And then I had to (well, didn't have to but was trying to be nice) dance with some guy that insisted on holding onto me for dear life. Told me to stop thinking. I'm not thinking, I'm trying to work out what you're leading. I actually meant that as an insult cos he was driving me mad but I think it went straight over his head. Entertained Carolyn when I told her!!!!

My legs were incredibly shaky the whole night. Not sure why but seemed to have trouble holding me up. When I got there, I told Michael that I was going to fall over. Just had that feeling that something was going to happen. And it nearly did. Emphasis on nearly. Phew! Got my hustle with Chris. Yayyyy. No tantrums needed. Wooohooo. He decided to see how many times he could spin me. Usually we do about 6 or 8 (which is enough). I actually lost count of the spins yesterday. And I came close to not making it out alive! LOL.

R was there. But no C, which was actually worse as she decided to be friendly to me....which basically means digging for gossip about stuff. I refused to play the game. Sharon didn't go. Still tearful about having to put her dog down. That in itself isn't good. This happened weeks ago and, although it's tough, she's turning into a recluse over it. Spoke to her before I went and she's decided she's not going to dance for at least another month. Not taking lessons either. So noone's actually seen her. Yelena's really worried about her but not sure what to do. Keep telling her to call me or offering to take her out for a coffee or something but she just doesn't want to see anyone. Very worrying. :-(

Other than was an OK evening. And of course I couldn't move this morning. Need a damn good massage right now so blew off tonight's dance.

Oh and I found a clothes peg as I was rummaging through my laundry basket earlier. A little left over from Thursday night I guess. I must have come all the way home with that attached to me. Bastard!!!! Gonna get u for that....although I have to admit I did giggle when I found it!!!!!!


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