Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I Think I'm Broken


Rolled over this morning in my half-awake state before I remembered.....it hurts!!!! This isn't just the "I ache" hurt. This is "sharp intake of breath and try not to wake the neighbors with screams" hurt. My foot's all tingly again....which means the nerve isn't where it should be. Shit. Warm shower helped but had to get out before I wrinkled up totally...or flooded the place. Now I'm sitting here propped up with cushions trying to remember not to lean back or forwards...or move at all. Sitting's not good. Was going to call the chiro, til I realised it's Tuesday....he's only there in the afternoon. Damn. Gonna try my heat pack in a moment.....run under water, put in microwave for 2.5 minutes, place on back and enjoy....I hope!

Got yoga later. Missed one class already this session (cos of the accident). Not sure if I'll make it tonight. Want to go but if this pain doesn't subside, there's no way.

Very miserable! Need to cry....frustrated!!!!



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