Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Mystery Revealed

So the chiro's stretching me and prodding me this morning and starts asking if I'm having any urination problems. No. Oh but my period started this morning. Well that's it then. What, you mean this is the reason I can hardly move, am in total agony and slept 10 hours (YES 10 WHOLE HOURS) last night. Yes! Wow.

So there we have it. Guess I should be grateful I've not got cramps as well. LOL. But if it stays this bad for the next few days I'm gonna have to kill myself.

Anyway, he offered to see me again this afternoon if I'm that bad (I probably would but I'm meant to be at UB later....finished my white strips this morning...wooohooo....bright white...shame I don't feel like smiling much) and then tomorrow morning. Going in Friday anyway as we were doing every two days and that's my usual appointment. Have to see about tomorrow.....sitting here with ice on me at the moment....another 10 minutes then I'll switch to think it's probably likely I'll be there banging down his door first thing!!!! Back to the floor for me.......booohooo



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