Thursday, July 24, 2003

Sleepy and Stupid

Woke up at 5.30am heart pounding and totally freaked out. The dreams are back. Guess I need a new dreamcatcher. I wonder if they can get filled up? Hmm, have to look into that. So.....for some reason I was with Sally from Coupling (the BBC version, not the US rip-off coming out later this year) and we had parked our cars by the side of a park, both facing away from the main road so we had to turn round to leave. She got in her car, drove down to a turning circle and started to which point she must have hit ice, or water, cos the car starts spinning round and round. I want to avoid that I think. So I decide to do a three point turn from where I am...but something happens and the car spins totally out of control into a which point I woke up to the sound of rain, much to my relief. Raindrops can be so comforting sometimes....

After that little incident, I of course didn't get back to sleep til about 7am so, having totally overslept I'm opting for a day of laundry! While I'm waiting, thought I'd do something putting some gas in the car and getting a drink. Ahh. How do I get the gas cap off? Hmmm. Twisted it. Nope, no outward movement....but it seems to like going round and round! Don't see a lock on the cap, so that can't be the problem. Maybe there's a release in the car? Nope. Well this could be interesting. Suppose I could see if there's a manual that tells me. Oh I'll go and ask the guy in the shop. So, doing my best helpless female impression...probably aided by the fact I'm wearing not a great deal today and my hair's still wet (!)....I asked if he could help me. Such a sweetie. Came out and played around with the cap and finally got the damn thing off!!!! And then when I went in to get a coffee he wanted to know if I wanted help getting the top off that! Funny boy........


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