Monday, August 25, 2003

I'm in Trouble

LOL thought I might be. Well I told him I wasn't really interested so it's not like I lied about things. Anyway, don't care. I'm in a cruel and heartless mood at the moment. A happy, cruel and heartless mood though. :-)

Other than that, typical Monday....went to the chiropractor and the post office and to buy some bread.....dealt with a stroppy letter from the managing agents for my place...they're complaining I've not paid the ground rent yet so I complained that maybe if they put the correct postage on their invoice it would arrive within a few days rather than taking 6 weeks to get here...somehow I don't think they'll care about that "minor oversight" of theirs...oh and while they're at it, maybe they could use the correct address!

Had the usual phone call with the parents yesterday. My grandmother was there...moaning on about how she hasn't seen me for ages....ughhhhhhhhhhhh....hate that, she doesn't make me want to see her when she's in that mood!!!


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