Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It's All Going Wrong :-(

Was lying in bed this that half-asleep state before fully waking up...could hear this really weird noise so I'm lying there trying to work out what it is...then there was a crack...and my poor bed (which has needed replacing for a while thanks to...well...never mind...u can work that part out for yourself!) decides that one of the wooden side pieces that supports the base for the mattress doesn't want to stay up any more....and collapses!!!! So now I've a wonky mattress....I SO need a new bed (donations gratefully received LOL) !!!!!!

AND I got bitten last night...think there's a flying nasty in here somewhere....right at the top of my thigh as well!!!! EEEEEEK. Though I guess it's better than the last set of bites I got...two on my least they have good taste! LOL


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