Sunday, August 10, 2003

Look Who's Back

First thing this I logged on...up pops my IM.....Larry! WOW. Remember him? The guy that set me up with a mate of his that totally freaked me out!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... bathroom smells lovely...all clean....til the next bathtime, anyway....and I'm 300 pages into Harry Potter. Been putting off reading it but, now that it's raining, thought I'd give it a go (oh and Robin nearly got hit by lightening yesterday....scary!!!!!). It's annoying me (most things do these days). Something about the writing, doesn't seem as good as the last one. Well...only 500+ more to'll be finished by Tuesday.....and it distracts me from reading up about Ethernet, or whatever it is I'm meant to be learning for my interview.....LOL Gotta get it finished (the book) really quickly cos there's ever such a cute guy in B&N.....I need to buy more books ;-)


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