Wednesday, August 06, 2003

My Baby's Back!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I collected my little red car earlier. All beautifully repaired and washed plus they cleaned the interior for me. Superb job...looks as good as new. Mmmm mmmmmm. It's so nice to be back in something with some power and electric windows...not forgetting the sun roof! Almost forgot where the clutch was though, and those pedals, WOW they're small in comparision to the Sunfire. Total bill came to more than the estimate cos they found some issues with the suspension so that'll please the insurance company....not my problem though!

And when I'm not nipping round town in that, I now have the luxury of AC at home! The woman downstairs moved out at the weekend and left her unit there. So I called the office the other day to find out if they were gonna sell it. No, but we can rent it to you for the rest of the summer for $30. Cool....literally. The "boys" came round earlier and installed it for me...and it feels goooooodddd.....



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