Thursday, August 14, 2003


There was the loudest crack from my neck yesterday afternoon. Guess that's a good thing? Even the chiro was a bit surprised...although he took more as a compliment to his work!!!!

Spent this morning exchanging emails with a friend of mine in London. Not spoken with her for ages so been catching up on all the news....not a lot it seems....other than it's very hot there!

And just what I needed....loss of power for 5.5 hours while I'm trying to prepare for an interview. Fantastic timing...thanks for that!!!! And screw Pataki...don't care what he says...that A/C unit is going ON....I'm wilting here...and if I take in any more water, I'll probably flood myself. So much for being fresh as a daisy..........although the candles did make the place smell nice...thanks Pier 1!!!!


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